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UnitedTranzActions and NACM Connect Celebrate 15 Years as Partners by Collaborating with a Member on a New Payment Vehicle

It started 15 years ago, and it’s going strong. It started small, and now it’s one of the most important vendor partnerships we have. It started with check guarantee, and now the sky is the limit. If it involves moving money, UTA can help.

At the NACM Midwest Credit Conference last October, Elizabeth Chamorro and Cheri Cohn of Yaskawa America Inc. began a conversation with Dean Middleton of UTA regarding the possibility of their Canadian subsidiary using UTA’s ACH services. According to Chamorro, “Partnering with UTA on the domestic side and seeing the efficiencies of their product, we started asking the question of extending this service to our Canadian subsidiary. If anyone is doing business in Canada, you will know how inefficient the postal service is in Canada – our experience has been up to two week delays in receiving remittances from customers.”

Pressure from upper management to improve working capital got Chamorro and Cohn thinking about how helpful it would be to be able to work with UTA outside the US. After conversations with Middleton, Alex Borroto and Jill Tapia, Cohn produced a wish-list for UTA which consisted of their desire to reproduce exactly how they process domestic payments via UTA for their Canadian customers. The goal was to manage and enable cross border payments quickly and efficiently. Many conversations, UTA research and process tweaking later, phase 1 of this two phase process is a reality. Said Cohn, “It’s nice to have a team like them!”

According to Chamorro, the go-live date is up to them. Yaskawa American Inc. is very anxious to start using the product. They are in the process of contract review for final approval by upper management. “We are excited about all the work and effort put into this project by UTA and Cheri on making sure this was not just on our wish list. It became a reality.”

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, “Cash is King”, continued Chamorro. “We are very fortunate to have partnered with UTA as they believe in servicing the customer. UTA encouraged Cheri to give feedback to identify areas for improvement and UTA acted on her feedback.”

According to Dean Middleton, President of UnitedTranzations, "UTA owes a great deal of gratitude to our friends at Yaskawa. Cheri Cohn approached me in Chicago asking that we consider expanding our existing U.S. ACH capabilities to include Canada. She stated an interest in this new service offering on behalf of her company and I am very pleased that UTA listened. Already we are being contacted by numerous NACM members inquiring about the Canadian opportunity. Thanks to Yaskawa and Cheri the benefits of Canadian ACH are here and will be spread throughout. I am proud that after 17 years UTA continues to deliver value to NACM."

If you would like more information about Canadian payments, please reach us at 800-858-5256 or

Source: NACM Connect Newsletter