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Visa Dues & Assessments Scheduled to be Increased

Effective January 1, 2015, Visa will increase their U.S. Acquirer Service Fee (commonly known as Dues & Assessments) from 0.11% to 0.13% on all credit products. All debit products will remain at 0.11%. These fees will continue to be assessed based on gross Visa sales volume.

Visa Acquirer International Service Assessment (AISA) Fee Scheduled to be Increased

Effective April 18, 2015, Visa will update the U.S. Acquirer International Service Assessment (AISA) fee types and make the following rate modifications:

• Increase the AISA rates by 0.40% to 0.80% on transactions when the Issuer location is non-U.S. and the merchant transaction currency is U.S. dollars
• Charge an incremental rate of 1.20% when the Issuer location is non-U.S. and the merchant transaction currency is not U.S. dollars

Visa Contactless Payment Acceptance Rules Reminder

Visa reminds merchants choosing to accept Visa-branded NFC-enabled contactless payments to accept all Visa- contactless payment forms factors, including cards and mobile devices that bear the Visa brand mark or contain Visa payment account credentials.

Visa’s Honor All Cards requirement is intended to provide a consistent and positive experience for the consumer and avoid brand confusion at the point of sale. Merchants continue to retain options as to whether to employ these new technologies and whether to extend contactless functionality for Visa payments, but must do so consistently. Requiring that all Visa NFC payment cards and devices have equal access to the point of sale ensures that consumers not be forced to expend effort to determine if a merchant will accept the consumer’s particular Visa-branded payment card or device.