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United TranzActions Announces New Website

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--United TranzActions (UTA), a leading provider of check guarantee services and electronic payment processing solutions, announced today that it has launched an exciting new consolidated version of its website. The site now fully integrates the products, services and values of the two original companies: National Check Trust (NCT) and American Check Management (ACM), which merged together in January, 2010 to create UTA. The new, consolidated site went live today, Monday, September 19, 2011.

"Our new website not only consolidates the platforms of the two original companies, but it also offers the look and feel as well as the functionality and capabilities you would expect from a technology-driven leader in payment processing solutions". "Our primary goal in building this new site is to provide our merchants with a fresh, interactive experience that is very user friendly and content rich. Towards this end, the site incorporates bold colors, graphics, and new navigational tools, and will also offer product literature, demos and videos available at your fingertips. The 'backend' functionality remains sophisticated, however, extremely user friendly".

Since the 2010 merger of NCT and ACM, UTA has worked hard at combining the employees, products, technology and operations of the two original companies. "With almost two years of combined operations behind us, we are proud to say that the synergies realized from this merger produced favorable results for calendar year 2010 far beyond our expectations and this trend is continuing throughout 2011," said Dean Middleton, UTA President. The final step in successfully combining the two original companies is the introduction of this new, consolidated website. “With our customized payment gateways spanning from paper check processing to sophisticated integrated electronic processing solutions, we needed an appropriate online showcase which this new website provides," added Middleton.

UTA's suite of products now includes: Check Guarantee Services, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Remote Deposit Capture (with guarantee), ACH Processing (with guarantee), Online Bill Pay and Credit Card Processing Services. Additionally, all of UTA's services include comprehensive reporting, extensive transaction management tools, advanced security, fraud protection and 24/7 technical support.

Take a look at our new website today and see why UTA sets the standard for check guarantee services and electronic payment processing solutions.

About UTA:

UTA makes accepting payments safer, faster and more affordable. Whether payments are made by check, credit card or ACH, United TranzActions offers the most sophisticated and affordable solutions in the industry.