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How Online Payments Are Helping the Environment

In this day and age, it’s important to always be on the look out for ways that we can help make the environment a cleaner, better place. And in recent years, finding ways to have a positive impact on the environment has been made much easier. One of those ways is by switching from paying bills in the traditional way of paper checks and envelopes to e-bills and online payments.

Almost all bills now allow the option of online payments. From security deposits and credit cards bills to utility bills and cell phone plans, companies around the world are offering patrons the chance to pay via the Internet. Some companies even offer some type of reward or incentive for switching to paperless forms of billing and payment. However, according to, only 50 percent of people paid their bills online as of 2013. Whether you’re looking for benefits from your service provider or just wanting the benefit of knowing you made a difference, going paperless is a fantastic way to live a greener life.

Just by doing this, reports that the average household can save one-tenth of a tree per year. That’s 6.6 pounds of paper!

Saving More Than Just Paper

By paying your bills online, there’s no longer a need for companies to send your bill to you in the mail, cutting back on the amount of paper needed each year, which is about 44 million tons according to the EPA. But choosing to pay your bills online not only saves paper, but it also saves you time and money as well. Instead of having to purchase checks, envelopes and stamps in order to pay your bills, you can now just log on to your online banking account and make your payments there.

And these aren’t the only benefits that come along with going paperless. By paying your bills online, you have more control and transparency with regards to your finances, helping you better manage your money and its allocation. This can also help speed up the bill paying process and help you avoid late fees that could be more commonly applied when you had to wait for the mail to deliver your payment. With online payments, you never have to worry about your checks getting lost in the mail again.

Creating Awareness

Companies are aware that the population is making a push to be more eco-friendly. By opting in to e-bills and paperless payments, you are assisting in creating more awareness for the green movement and encouraging businesses to develop greener practices as well.

Making online payments is a simple adjustment you can make in your life for added convenience, security, and sense of sustainability. Do the earth, your bank account, and your sanity a favor by implementing this easy change into your daily life. Be the change you want to see in the world, and start today by enrolling in online bill pay whenever you have the option.

Source: Click Green