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Poll Central Shows RDC as Winning Proposition

Remote deposit capture is a winning proposition. The proof is in the numbers. Visitors to this month were asked to weigh in on whether the benefits of RDC outweigh the risks and costs. Eleven percent responded that the benefits “marginally” outweigh the risks and costs, while 87% said the benefits “far outweigh” the risks and costs associated with RDC. In other words, an overwhelming majority (98%) feel the benefits of RDC outweigh any associated risks.

“We have learned from experiences and insights shared via and the RDC Summit that RDC drives significant savings and opportunities for financial institutions and their customers. The data from this poll makes this point vividly,” explained John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “This is a resounding endorsement of RDC.”

Poll Central is a service of Each month we post a new question and ask visitors to make their views known. Findings are published each month in the RDC Newsletter. In June we’re asking visitors to share perceptions about the extent to which small businesses are embracing RDC. Click here now to cast your vote.