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Poll Central: Check Destruction Timeframes Compressing

As RDC adoption continues to grow, a pattern is beginning to emerge whereby financial institutions are asking customers to destroy the paper from mobile deposits sooner rather than later. That’s a key finding from the latest poll of visitors. polls visitors each month on RDC-related issues. This month we asked visitors “When do you advise RDC clients (mobile included) to destroy the original check?” A total of 263 votes were cast, with the largest share (18.25% of the total) indicating customers are advised to destroy original checks between 31 and 45 days after a remote deposit. When we asked visitors this same question previously, 19.11% indicated a recommended time from of 31 to 45 days for destroying original checks.

“The data suggests a trend toward earlier destruction timeframes,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “We’re seeing more banks and credit unions instructing customers to destroy items once deposits have been verified, for example by way of an email from the FI or after reviewing their monthly account statements.” Nearly 40% of visitors who took the September poll ask customers to destroy original checks no more than 30 days after an RDC transaction.