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RDC Growth Opportunities Abound

The market potential for remote deposit capture is strong and getting stronger. Responses to the latest Poll Central on featured query suggests an overwhelming majority of the industry expects the RDC user base to at least double in size. Half of the 400 votes received expect the end-user base can at least triple. One third expect the market to expand by 5- to 10-times the current user base.

“This continued optimism is clearly a sign of the continuing evolution of the underlying RDC technologies, making RDC more attractive, accessible and useful to a wider audience,” said John Leekley, Founder and CEO of “We believe, for example, that financial institutions have only begun to scratch the surface of what mobile RDC has to offer in terms of risk management, improved customer service and revenue opportunities.”

Mobile RDC has been generating significant interest, both in terms of deployments and users. A new report from Celent reveals that 2,600 FIs have gone live with mRDC over the past 2 years, leading to an estimated 80 million retail users of mobile deposit.