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3 Paths to data breach prevention

Cyberattacks and malware continue to proliferate every day, from small to large business, no one is exempt. In the recent years, there has been major credit card data breaches reported by some of the largest restaurants chains in the U.S.

What should we do to prevent these attacks? Well we need to consider several key technologies on the market, including the latest developments in payments solutions.

1. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) : A solution that helps reducing card data theft

P2PE has become a standard method to secure card data from potential interception during payment processing. This is a security solution that protects data, because it’s transmitted through the payment process from start to finish. With this method, payment card data is encrypted at the point of acceptance and is rendered inaccessible until it reached its destination.

2. EMV : The standard to curb credit card fraud

Almost everyone is accepting EMV payments, and the majority of business are aware of the EMV migration. The biggest migration to this system it has been in the U.S, however merchants who are non-compliant face liability for fraud chargebacks. This upgrade should make merchants think about their overall payment acceptance infrastructure and look to make it better.

3. Point of Sale (mPOP)

One of the biggest trends among merchants is to accept card payments at the point of service via mobile point of sale. Many mPOS solutions are also EMV-enabled and offer P2PE for added security. This combination of services makes checkout more convenient and secure.

Source: PizzaMarketplace.