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How do EMV cards really work? Are they safe?
Credit and debit cards now have EMV chip technology, the global standard for card payments that significantly reduce fraud. Many card users are familiar with this technology, but do we really know how it works? more >>
Security becomes a top priority as payment technologies proliferate
According to a report released on August 12 and made by Forrester Research, more than three-quarters of companies are investing in new payment technologies, the report “Understanding the Evolving Payments Landscape” says that retail merchants and online businesses expect the way that consumers pay for goods to change relatively quickly with about half expecting to face increasing choices in payment offerings. At the same time, 61% of financial institutions and merchants believe that fraud will also increase. more >>
Visa: Promoting and Strengthening Payment System Security
Visa is aware of recent incidents in the U.S. in which criminals are committing fraud through processing fraudulent purchase return transactions. more >>
What is ACH?
ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House network. Funds move from one bank account to another with the help of an intermediary that routes funds to the final destination. more >>
United TranzActions certifies Tempus Technologies on Check Guarantee Solution
Miramar, Florida United TranzActions (UTA), the leading provider of check guarantee services and electronic payment processing solutions, announced today that it has certified an integration with Tempus Technologies, Inc., a leading electronic payment software provider, to support its industry-leading check guarantee service through the Tempus PaymentMate check processing interface. This certification will support the processing of Check Guarantee transactions for both scanned and manually entered checks. more >>
Signature Optional! Visa continues improving the EMV Acceptance.
To continue the ongoing migration to EMV chip and to bring convenience along with increased security and speed to the point of sale, Visa is making the requirement to obtain and verify a cardholder signature optional for all EMV-enabled merchants in the U.S.1 and Canada, beginning 14 April 2018. At the same time, Visa is also removing the requirements for EMV-enabled merchants in the U.S. and Canada to keep transaction receipts and for acquirers to fulfill retrieval requests more >>
NACM's 122nd Credit Congress and Expo
We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this conference. This expo 2018 showcases service providers representing diverse and unique companies from the United States and abroad. These companies unveil their products and services demonstrating how they may be essential resources to credit professionals in performing their daily responsibilities effectively and efficiently. more >>
UTA's Credit Card Surcharging Guide
The subject of credit card surcharging has generated a great deal of interest and confusion in the payment industry. To help navigate you through some of the rules, UTA has answered many of the primary questions posed by its customers that have implemented surcharging. more >>
Don't know what TLS is? Here's some information on a subject that may impact your processing environment.
A July 1 PCI Security Standards Council deadline is prompting payments providers to act well before then, with many establishing their own compliance deadlines in February. What has provoked this eagerness? more >>
Mobile Deposit grew 35% in 2017
According to a software firm, in 2017 mobile remote deposit capture transactions jumped 35% over the previous year thanks to an increase in users. more >>
Vantiv Acquires Worldpay
UTA is excited to announce that our partner, Vantiv, the largest credit card merchant acquirer in the U.S., has completed the acquisition of Worldpay Group plc, a leader in technology-led payment solutions. The combined company, named Worldpay, Inc., is now the #1 Global Merchant Acquirer, processing more than 40 billion transactions annually across 146 countries and 126 currencies. more >>
The Year in Review: Remote deposit Capture 2017
2017 was an eventful year for the remote deposit capture industry. We had new regulations, introductions of new services and enhancements of current capabilities, industry reports from the Federal Reserve, to the evolving risk landscape and mass adoption of mobile RDC, this industry has continued to grow and evolve. more >>
Visa says chip cards reduce counterfeit fraud by 66%
Visa, revealed on December 18th in an infographic that counterfeit fraud is down in the U.S at merchants that are using chip-enabled cards. more >>
Digital Banking Consumers Demand Hyper Personalization.
Thirty three percent of consumers who abandoned a business relationship did so because they were looking for a personalize service. more >>
2017 PCI DSS Data Breach Trends
This is an overview of Security Metrics’ Payment Card Industry Forensic Investigation results from 2017. Non-Compliance Contributed to Data Breach. more >>
3 Paths to data breach prevention
What should we do to prevent these attacks? Well we need to consider several key technologies on the market, including the latest developments in payments solutions. more >>
59% of Card Present transactions Use EMV Chip Technology.
The latest EMVCo data shows that the United States has the largest year over year increase, with 31.4% of transactions are EMV – enabled, compared to 7.2% in the same period the prior year. more >>
The Reappearing Check: Why the decline of paper finally slowed
In 2015, we [Digital Check] made a bold prediction that flew in the face of conventional wisdom: After years of rapidly falling popularity, the paper check was about to experience a comeback – or at least, a leveling-off of its decades-long decline. more >>
Why Can’t Americans Ditch Checks?
In an era of smartphones, online banking, and Venmo transfers, the rest of the world has weaned itself off paper. more >>
Biometric Data At Risk In POS Malware Attacks
Another day, another fraud attack. But this one is unique because, at least at first, it was believed that consumer biometric data may have been compromised.

On July 4, U.S. vendor Avanti detected POS (point of sale) malware in some of its “micro market” kiosks. The company published a data incident notification at the end of last week, letting customers know about the breach.
more >>
Mobile-Accepting Merchants Register Mixed Results in Risk Detection, Survey Reports
With much of the payments business focused on mobile payments, merchants are making progress in dealing with the payment method but are still lagging in key areas, such as the ability to identify overseas transactions, according to survey results released Thursday. more >>
Fraudulent Cashier's Checks Drawn on U.S. Century Bank, Miami, Florida
U.S. Century Bank, Florida has reported that fraudulent cashier’s checks are being produced and presented. Distinguishing features to the fraudulent checks are as follows: more >>
Wannacry? Why It’s Time To Come Down On Bitcoin
The massive ‘Wannacry’ wave of crypto-ransomware cyberattacks now reported to have hit more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries shouldn’t be just another “look at how smart and cunning and horrible those cybercriminals are” headline. more >>
RDC Growth Opportunities Abound
There is plenty of optimism about the future of remote deposit capture. Latest poll results point to triple-digit market growth. more >>
Issuers Quick to Waive Credit-Card Fees
Competition is driving concessions that lenders are making on annual levies. more >>
Our long-time partner, Vantiv, has been ranked the #1 US Merchant Acquirer by The Nilson Report
We are proud to announce that our long time credit card partner, Vantiv, has been ranked the #1 US Merchant Acquirer by The Nilson Report. Nilson is considered the most respected source of news and analysis of global card and mobile payment industries for over 46 years. The 2017 ranking shows that Vantiv now processes more domestic debit and credit card transactions than any other acquirer in the United States! more >>
Credit Managers Should Scan for Risk from Indemnity Clauses
Suppliers and other players in construction are increasingly encountering indemnity provisions within contracts. It has become more important than ever for credit managers to carefully examine such documents to limit any potential associated risk to their companies. more >>
Trick or Treat! Payment Urban Legends: Scary and True
Urban legends. They’re scary. And fun. And have just enough plausibility to make you wonder … are they true? more >>
Are Connected Devices Threatening Payment Security?
Cybercriminals are looking at a new point of entry to cause major damage to both consumers and businesses — the Internet of Things. Michelle Tinsley, director of mobility and secure payments for Intel, joined Karen Webster to discuss why merchants shouldn’t underestimate the backdoor connected devices may leave open for hackers more >>
Digital Banking’s Delicate Dance
Dance Consumers want digital banking apps to be secure, but they don’t want security to interfere with their digital banking experience. John Dancu, CEO of IDology, tells PYMNTS that finding that balance could be among the biggest challenges for banks looking to strengthen their digital/mobile solutions. Dancu shared his view on digital banking’s delicate dance between security and authentication in this month’s Digital Banking TrackerTM. Catch that, along with the latest rankings of 78 players that are dancing to that beat, and all the news from around the industry, of course. more >>
Potential Canadian Payment Processing Disruptions
With the ongoing dispute between the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Canadian Postal Service, UTA is here to help in the case of any delays or disruption in your Canadian payment processing. more >>
Visa Releases New Chip Card Numbers
Just how well is the chip card migration going? Well, according to Visa: “The U.S. chip rollout is already having an impact on counterfeit fraud, the number one cause of in-store payment fraud today.” more >>
Global Fraud Attack Index
Hackers are on the loose and coming to an online merchant near you. In droves. In fact, the rate of fraud attacks is up 163 percent from 2015 – and luxury retail is at the top of the fraudsters’ checklists. PYMNTS and Forter have teamed up to benchmark this very unique look at fraud and lay it all out in the premier edition of The Global Fraud Attack Index, a quarterly report. Find out where attacks are happening, to whom, what merchants can do to hold them at bay, and how much those attacks cost merchants last year. more >>
Microsoft to Kill Support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 on Jan. 12
Your options include upgrading to Internet Explorer 11, switching to a rival browser or shifting to Microsoft's Edge browser, which means jumping to Windows 10. more >>
Making Commerce Creative
We know that consumers influence how merchants think about innovation – but who influences what those consumers fall in love with and want to use at those merchants? In the November issue of The PYMNTS Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, we highlight the many ways in which developers are helping merchants surprise, delight and enable the unique commerce opportunities that set merchants apart and drive consumer engagement. more >>
Now That the Big Risk Shift Has Taken Place, Get Set for EMV Non-Compliance Fees
Now that merchant acquirers, and, by extension, merchants, are liable for certain kinds of fraud losses if the merchants aren’t prepared for EMV chip cards, acquirers are starting to put in place EMV non-compliance fees to cover their new risk exposure. more >>
Infographic: The EMV and Mobile Payments Convergence
If there’s one thing that Apple Pay has shown the payments industry at large, it’s that security and convenience do not have to be diametrically opposed. more >>
Poll Central: Check Destruction Timeframes Compressing
As RDC adoption continues to grow, a pattern is beginning to emerge whereby financial institutions are asking customers to destroy the paper from mobile deposits sooner rather than later. That’s a key finding from the latest poll of visitors. more >>
Fighting Fraud While Expanding Access to Banking
Fraud can be a devastating blow to financial institutions. It’s not just the immediate financial losses that financial institutions need to be concerned about, however. The risk of damaged reputations is very real. Customers who get caught up in frauds are less likely to expand relationships with the involved financial institutions, which in turn can depress revenues. That’s why financial institutions cannot afford to let down their guard, even as new technologies and processes seemingly diminish opportunities for fraud. more >>
As Traffic Heats up, the ACH Continues To Expand at 5%-Plus Rate
Transactions on the automated clearing house network grew 5.4% in the second quarter, the second straight period of 5%-plus expansion for the 40-year-old system, which reaches virtually every financial institution in the country. That’s according to numbers reported by NACHA, the organization that regulates the ACH. more >>
Time’s (almost) up for US EMV Transition
With all the headlines swirling over the state of U.S. readiness to adopt EMV by the October deadline, it may seem like there’s plenty of time – or no time at all – to make the leap to the new technology. Depends on where you stand in the transition. For too many merchants, the time to adopt EMV is now. more >>
Here is some info on how EMV can help your small business
Small businesses aren’t the only merchants that are ill-prepared to handle the move to EMV, but they may be the group that has the best “excuse.” Quite simply, SMBs (as the label implies) are small and resource-constrained. What time they have, they prioritize around the needs of their customers over everything else. It’s a perfectly reasonable rationale, but that fact alone — or that reality perhaps — doesn’t excuse small businesses from having to bear the responsibility in the event of fraud when Oct. 2015 rolls around. more >>
Leveraging RDC Technologies: Mobile Imaging Isn’t Just for Checks
With more than 160 million Americans (about half the population) now using smart phones, mobile imaging has become a huge agent of change in financial services. Mobile check deposit may have been the first innovation to come from this, but it certainly is not the only one. more >>
Tokenization, Misinformation, and the Benefits of Host Card Emulation
Tokens in their simplest form are a low-value representation of something with a higher value, says Doug Yeager, SimplyTapp chief executive. I’m going to argue that an approach called host card emulation (HCE) is the safest and most efficient way for banks and merchants to deploy tokens. But first let me quickly review how tokenization works and what’s available in the market, and dispel some of that misinformation along the way. more >>
Getting Merchants in the Know for EMV
What do merchants want? Knowledge. Specifically as it pertains to new products in the payments industry.

That’s what Neil Randel, CEO of First American Payment Systems, has found to be the case. His company works with merchants who have questions about a number of topics – from mobile payments, to point-of-sale systems, to Apple Pay and Android Pay.
more >>
UTA Interview with Advance Auto Parts
Tune in to a candid conversation held between United TranzAction’s President, Dean Middleton and Scott Senatore, of Advance Auto Parts (CarQuest) as they discuss how UTA was able to streamline and automate their payment acceptance and bank reconciliation processes. more >>
Poll IDs Growing Value Proposition Around Mobile RDC
The adoption curve for mobile remote deposit capture has been unlike any other product innovation in modern banking. It also has the potential to be a money maker for banks and credit unions, based on a poll conducted by earlier this year. more >>
Poll Central Shows RDC as Winning Proposition
Remote deposit capture is a winning proposition. The proof is in the numbers. Visitors to this month were asked to weigh in on whether the benefits of RDC outweigh the risks and costs. Eleven percent responded that the benefits “marginally” outweigh the risks and costs, while 87% said the benefits “far outweigh” the risks and costs associated with RDC. In other words, an overwhelming majority (98%) feel the benefits of RDC outweigh any associated risks. more >>
Skipping Out on the EMV Deadline?
With the deadline for the EMV liability shift mandate looming ever closer, the simple fact is that a majority of U.S. merchants aren’t going to meet it. Whether that’s unintentional or deliberate, they will all face the same consequences. PYMNTS recently caught up with Chris Lee, President of North American Strategic Partnerships and Emerging Markets at Moneris Solutions, to get her perspective on what those consequences will be, why some businesses are willing to accept them, and how EMV is actually only one part of a much-needed overhaul of payments security. more >>
2015 UTA/NACM Caribbean Cruise Winners
United Tranzactions would like to congratulate our random drawing winners... more >>
Visa Gives Merchants Online EMV Adoption Toolkit
When it comes to EMV chip-enabled technology, getting merchants up to speed is the first step into making businesses EMV-compliant by the Oct. 1 deadline. more >>
United TranzActions Signs Strategic Alliance with DadeSystems
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--United TranzActions, a leading payment solution provider, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Miami-based DadeSystems, a provider of next generation payment solutions. The agreement will further expand UTA's extensive payment processing offerings through the addition of DadePay AR Automation receivables management system and DadePay e-payments, the company’s electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution. more >>
How Online Payments Are Helping the Environment
In this day and age, it’s important to always be on the look out for ways that we can help make the environment a cleaner, better place. And in recent years, finding ways to have a positive impact on the environment has been made much easier. One of those ways is by switching from paying bills in the traditional way of paper checks and envelopes to e-bills and online payments. more >>
Hackers Hack Wire Transfer Network
Winter is coming for the organizations that make use of wire transfers.

According to IBM’s Security Intelligence division, a new threat to payments security has been discovered. Called “The Dyre Wolf,” the malware attack has already been used to transfer $1 million into the pockets of cybercriminals.
more >>
NACHA Stats Show Nearly 5% Growth for the ACH in 2014’s Holiday Quarter
All things considered, the holidays were kind to the ACH. Transactions on the automated clearing house network grew 4.7% in the final three months of 2014 compared to the fourth quarter of 2013, while dollar volume moved by the network climbed 4.9%, according to statistics from NACHA, the governing body for the ACH. more >>
The PCI Council Publishes Tokenization Guidance and Looks Forward to EMV
With the U.S. payment card industry’s eyes glued on the coming of EMV chip cards, the main standards body for card security is trying to remind merchant acquirers, merchants, and card issuers that there is more to security than simply embedding a chip into a piece of plastic and deploying terminals that can read such cards. On Thursday, the PCI Security Standards Council published guidelines for products and services that provide tokenization—the replacement of primary account numbers (PANs) with so-called tokens that are useless to fraudsters. more >>
Scanner Manufacturers Expand Lines to Meet Evolving Needs
Remote deposit capture (RDC) is revolutionizing the ways in which financial institutions and their customers handle checks. And that has device manufacturers rethinking strategies for addressing the changing needs of financial institutions and their customers.

“There’s still a huge market for scanners,” said Bill Buser, Director of Scanner Solutions at RDM Corporation. “But needs vary.” As do the machines these devices connect to (MACs as well as PCs and mobile devices), the operating systems that drive the machines, and the browsers that support web connectivity.
more >>
Fed Reports Soaring Adoption of Mobile RDC, Other Mobile Banking Services
Consumer adoption of mobile banking is proceeding at a rapid clip, driven in part by gains in the number of consumers using their mobiles to make check deposits.

Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2015, is the fourth annual report issued by the Federal Reserve Board examining how consumers use mobile devices to access accounts at federally-insured banks and credit unions. As of December 2014, 39% of adult Americans with mobile phones and bank accounts were using mobile banking products, up from 33% 12 months earlier, the Fed reported. What’s more, so-called “underbanked” adults are more likely to use mobile banking services than are “banked” Americans.
more >>
Stopping $6.4 Billion Worth of Post-EMV Fraud
By 2018, card fraud is expected to more than double, reaching $6.4 billion. As the U.S. migrates to EMV, CNP fraud in particular is expected to not shockingly spike with fraudsters turning to new channels. Tackling CNP fraud, however, is particularly tricky – the underlying secret, says Dr. Thomas Rand-Nash, Director of Operations at Brighterion, is to acknowledge that it will always occur, but just shifts and evolves. MPD CEO Karen Webster recently sat down with Rand-Nash in a live digital discussion to find out how behavioral analytics can mitigate fraud damage, predict and prevent fraud in real-time, and act as a crucial part of a multilayered CNP fraud approach. The discussion kicked off with a brief intro by Julie Conroy, Aite Group Research Director, who provided industry context related to the migration of EMV in the U.S., and the subsequent rise of CNP fraud. Conroy indicated that many merchants and consumers still don’t know about EMV, which has stirred up a lot of chaos and confusion – something that fraudsters thrive on. more >>
Planet Dodge Testimonial
Planet Dodge tells us why they made the switch to UTA! more >>
Report: 80% of Companies Fail Payment Data Security Tests
According to a report put out by Verizon Communications, four-fifths of companies fail interim compliance assessments for payment card data security. more >>
2015 Outlook of the RDC Industry
Mitek President and CEO James DeBello is bullish on mobile deposit, and he’s expecting a huge surge in business adoption. “By the end of 2015 more than 50% of all financial institutions will offer mobile deposit services tailored to the needs of business customers,” he predicted. Companies with mobile workforces, will begin increasing adoption of solutions that “enable these workers to use smartphones and tablets to quickly capture payment and business documents at the point of service,” DeBello said. more >>
How One Integrated Payments Platform Enriches the Merchant POS
Datacap CEO Terry Zeigler says that enabling integrated payments for merchants through one platform isn’t just about giving developers access to SDKs and APIs – it’s about creating an ecosystem. Ziegler and team have been working to create an ecosystem where ISVs and merchants can access a broad set of technology and business tools to help them solve some of the key business challenges they face – that payments also touches. MPD CEO Karen Webster caught up with Ziegler to get the inside story on the role that Datacap’s dynamic platform and services play in achieving that mission. more >>
Are YOU PCI-Compliant? A New Study Says More Than 30% of Big Merchants Are Not PCI-Compliant
If your concern is PCI Compliance, UTA will work with you to examine ways they can help minimize your risk and processing expenses and maximize your customer experience.

Fudging the numbers about their merchants’ compliance with the Payment Card Industry data-security standard (PCI) may be a common practice by merchant acquirers if findings from a new study about payment card data security are to be believed. The study by the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee, an association of more than 500 acquirers, independent sales organizations, risk managers and other acquiring-industry players, found that the rates of PCI compliance by the biggest merchants are far lower than the compliance rates reported by Visa Inc.
more >>
The Role of ACH in Driving Payments Innovation
Over the past 40 years, innovators of all shapes and sizes have used ACH to enable an array of payments opportunities. According to Jan Estep, President and CEO of NACHA, the ACH network has been in a state of continuous change to meet the needs of its end-users. Now, the ACH blueprint, she says, will set the course for the network in the future, as it serves as the “backbone” from which payments can grow. MPD CEO Karen Webster sat down with Estep and Jeff Thorness, CEO of Forte Payment Systems, to understand how ACH is being used today, the impact of same-day ACH on payments innovation, and how ACH measures up to next-gen schemes like Apple Pay. more >>
The Complicated World of Integrated Software
From ISOs to ISVs, the players that put solutions packages together for merchants are learning that working together comes with costs and benefits. The trick is figuring out which outweighs the other. more >>
Supreme Court Rejects Petition, Dealing Merchants Another Defeat on Debit Cards
Merchants battling debit card pricing and routing rules suffered another defeat on Tuesday. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a petition from a merchant group seeking to have the high court hear its arguments against Federal Reserve rules regulating debit card interchange and transaction routing. more >>
With EMV’s Liability Shift, Acquirers Face Consumer-Fraud Risk for the First Time
With a crucial deadline just 266 days away, the payments industry is starting to look at just what kind of fraud liability—and how much fraud—merchant acquirers will have to assume if their merchants aren’t ready to accept Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip cards by October. more >>
Latest Stats Show the ACH Growing Steadily As Players Mull Faster-Payments Proposal
Traffic on the automated clearing house network continues to climb at a steady clip as financial institutions and other users of the system mull over a proposal to speed up payments from next-day to same-day settlement. more >>
Google Sues Visa and MasterCard Over High Interchange Fees
Google hit Visa and MasterCard with a new lawsuit in federal court last week, accusing the payment card brands of violating federal antitrust law by charging “supracompetitive” interchange fees, Law360 reported. more >>
The Road for Keeping U.S. Payments Secure
The U.S. Payments Security Task Force (PST) – a group of leading U.S. issuers, acquirers, merchants, payment networks and other electronic payment participants – has dared to go where no task force has ever gone before: to create a roadmap for protecting cardholder data at the merchant’s physical or virtual point of sale. more >>
The Top 3 Payments Security Threats This Holiday Season
Nearly half of consumers said they would not shop over the holidays at retailers that experiences data breaches, according to a recent survey. Consumers still need reassurance from the retail world that these breaches won’t happen, says Ajay Bhalla, President, Enterprise Safety and Security at MasterCard. PYMNTS recently sat down with Bhalla to get his views on the increasing concern around security this holiday season, the top 3 threats to payments, and which newly designed tools will most efficiently thwart today’s advanced cyber-hacking more >>
Protecting Merchant POS Systems during the Holiday Season
UTA would like to share an advisory that was prepared in collaboration with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), the United States Secret Service (USSS), and the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC). It is directed towards retailers or companies who are processing financial transactions and managing customer personally identifiable information (PII) during the holiday season and beyond. This advisory serves to provide information on and recommends possible mitigations for common cyber exploitation tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) consistently and successfully leveraged by attackers in the past year. more >>
Stay Alert During the Holidays
As the holiday season approaches and we start seeing a spike in sales volume, it’s important for your company to remain vigilant. An increase in sales always correlates with a surge in theft and fraudulent activity. UTA would like to remind our merchants to be mindful of the safety of their check writers’ and cardholders’ sensitive data. more >>
Visa Dues & Assessments Scheduled to be Increased
As a public company operating in an expanding and increasingly competitive industry, Visa aims to accelerate the development of new products and markets and to invest in an infrastructure that allows system participants to grow their business. Visa periodically reviews its pricing to ensure that these objectives are supported and that the value proposition of Visa’s products and services is properly reflected. more >>
The 3 Major Issues in B2B Payments
There are three issues to be addressed in B2B Payments, with regulatory issues being one of them. Different jurisdictions and governments have different rules and ways to view the flow of a payment, and companies need to deal with that. That is clear. However, there are also technology changes to be addressed. In the B2B space, data matters. That data lives in back office information systems – in ERP, purchase-to-pay systems, order-to-cash systems, electronic invoicing systems, and more. There are all kinds of data that requires a deep understanding of and access to it. The third issue is the business model. The business models in B2C are really straightforward, well-known and well-understood by the consumer. But in B2B, different supply chains have different rules and different business models. more >>
Americans' Top Fear: Credit Card Data Getting Stolen
Fears are driven by an intersection of a horrible outcome and the perceived probability of it happening to that person. So when Gallup this month surveyed 1,017 U.S. adults in the U.S. and asked what their greatest fears were, having credit card data stolen by cyber-thieves was the top answer. By a lot. more >>
UTA Welcomes Regional Sales Manager - Andre Baxter
UTA is pleased to announce the hiring of a payment industry sales veteran, Andre Baxter, as a Regional Sales Manager. With over 15 years of experience in the payment industry, Andre is a hard working professional with extensive experience in upper level sales, lead generation, account management, and customer retention. more >>
UTA Prepares for EMV Migration
With a major deadline less than a year away, UTA is gearing up for the conversion of the payment industry to the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) chip card standard. The EMV standard is a development of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa to ensure global interoperability for chip-based payment transactions. An upgrade to the EMV enables more secure transactions across cards, contactless, mobile, and remote payment channels. Since its introduction in 1996, EMV has been implemented in many countries of the world. more >>
Payments Industry Needs to Find Common Ground on Tokenization
Tokens, that is, tokens for securing electronic payments, almost became a household word two weeks ago when Apple Inc. introduced Apple Pay, a mobile-payments service that will rely heavily on tokens when it launches next month. The concept of tokenization, however, has been around for quite some time in the payments industry. Now a public-private group concerned with advancing mobile payments says industry players need to agree on standards and coordinate several different tokenization solutions floating around the industry. more >>
UTA Achieves SSAE 16 Audit Certification for 2014
United Tranzactions (UTA) is pleased to announce that an independent audit has been completed for the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16. The evaluation included a full assessment of Operations, Customer Service, Information Technology organization, and Risk Assessment monitoring. “The SSAE 16 compliance designation affirms UTA’s continued commitment to provide excellence in service levels while operating at the highest industry and regulatory standards” Dean Middleton, President of United Tranzactions, said in a statement. more >>
Federal Reserve Payment Study: Checks remain a critical component of the payment system
Americans may be using checks less often these days, but with 21.1 billion written in 2012, checks remain a critical component of the payment system. Checks also are significantly less prone to fraud than other methods of payment, according to the 2013 Federal Reserve Payment Study. One reason for this may be image exchange and RDC, as the Fed said nearly all checks are now cleared electronically. more >>
UnitedTranzActions and NACM Connect Celebrate 15 Years as Partners by Collaborating with a Member on a New Payment Vehicle
It started 15 years ago, and it’s going strong. It started small, and now it’s one of the most important vendor partnerships we have. It started with check guarantee, and now the sky is the limit. If it involves moving money, UTA can help. At the NACM Midwest Credit Conference last October, Elizabeth Chamorro and Cheri Cohn of Yaskawa America Inc. began a conversation with Dean Middleton of UTA regarding the possibility of their Canadian subsidiary using UTA’s ACH services. more >>
UTA Achieves SSAE 16 Audit Certification
June 2013 – United Tranzactions (UTA) is pleased to announce that an independent audit has been completed for the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16. The evaluation included a full assessment of Operations, Customer Service, Information Technology organization, and Risk Assessment monitoring. more >>
ACH Volume Increases 5.9 Percent in 4th Quarter 2012
The Automated Clearing House Network grew by 5.9 percent in the 4th Quarter of 2012 compared to a year ago, according to NACHA statistics. more >>
United TranzActions Certifies with CenPOS
UTA announced today its certification of CenPOS, a payment technology provider, to support Remote Deposit Capture (Check21), Check Guarantee, ACH, and Check Conversion through the CenPOS interface. The certification is for both scanned and manually entered checks. Merchants utilizing the CenPOS payment-processing platform will be able to take advantage of UTA's payment processing and check guarantee services. more >>
EMV Goes Global: The End of an Era for the Magnetic Stripe Payment Card
Europe has nearly completed its migration to EMV payment technology. Over the last year, key payment systems have announced plans to accelerate and drive the adoption of EMV within the United States (U.S.) marketplace. This demonstrates a significant step forward in achieving a global EMV framework. more >>
NFC Mobile Payments Update
Just off the announcement that Apple didn't include the technology in its new iPhone, Isis, the NFC mobile payment joint venture between AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA, has admitted that its long-awaited mobile payment product will be delayed more >>
Credit Card Purchases May Soon Carry a Surcharge
VISA and MASTERCARD have agreed in a settlement of a long-standing court battle to allow merchants to SURCHARGE customers for interchange fees. Call them "swipe fees," "checkout fees," or "surcharges," consumers may have to deal with a new expense at the register if they pay with a credit card, thanks to a $7.25 billion settlement reached Friday. The settlement, which is pending court approval, may come to fruition in late 2012 or early 2013. more >>
How Check 21 saved the U.S. Payments System over $3 Billion in 2010.
A recent paper released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates more >>
2012 UTA/NACM Caribbean Cruise Winners.
United Tranzactions would like to congratulate our random drawing winners... more >>
New Email Phishing Scam Using Visa Business News Format
Visa would like to alert clients to the latest phishing email scam which purports to come from Visa. more >>
New and Improved Site to Launch in Support of Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH Month, Celebrated in May
NACHA Launches Updated Website Designed to Educate Financial Institutions, Businesses and Consumers on the Benefits of Electronic Payments more >>
ACH Payment Volume Exceeds 20.2 Billion in 2011 Largest Originators and Receivers of ACH Payments Named for 2011
Herndon, Va., April 13, 2012 – Total ACH payment volume grew to over 20.2 billion transactions[1] in 2011 more >>
United TranzActions Announces New Website
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--United TranzActions (UTA), a leading provider of check guarantee services and electronic payment processing solutions... more >>
UTA is a proud sponsor of the 17th Annual Becker Furniture Charity Golf Outing.
UTA is a proud sponsor of the 17th Annual Becker Furniture Charity Golf Outing. more >>
Paymetric Partners With United TranzActions To Deliver Expanded Payment Processing Options
Paymetric, Inc., the leading provider of integrated and secure enterprise payment acceptance solutions, today announced it has partnered with United TranzActions, LLC (UTA) to offer Paymetric clients... more >>
National Check Trust, Inc. and American Check Management, Inc. announce merger
National Check Trust, Inc. and American Check Management, Inc. two Leading Payment processing and Check Guarantee Companies announce merger to create one of the largest one stop solutions in the financial services market. more >>