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Check Guarantee

Q. What is check guarantee?

A. Check guarantee is insurance for your business. It assures your company gets paid on any check ... read more that is returned unpaid from your bank. UTA assumes the full risk of the guaranteed check and insures that you will be paid 100% of the face value of that check.

Q. Why do I need a check guarantee service?

A. When a check is returned, you are exposed to a significant loss of time, money and resources ... read more through bank fees, collection frustrations and wasted man-hours. Having a check guarantee service will enable you to accept checks from virtually any customer and never have a worry. You will have UTA's guarantee that if the check you accept is dishonored, for any reason, you will be covered and as a result not suffer a financial loss.

Q. How long does it take to set up your services?

A. Setting up service with United TranzActions is quick and easy. It can be done within 24 hours.

Q. How easy is it to move from my current provider?

A. UTA will work with you and will get involved immediately to handle all of the details of the transition ... read more to our service. The process is easy and seamless.

Q. Are there group discounts?

A. Yes. UTA offers discounted rates for groups, associations, marketing organizations and large corporations.

Q. Can I change my program at any time?

A. Yes. UTA is the only company that offers flexibility with all of our programs as well as ... read more customizing a program to fit your specific business needs. We will continually work with you to make sure you are realizing all of the benefits UTA has to offer.

Q. How long would it take to get a rate quote?

A. Immediately. Simply contact our sales department at 800-858-5256 and we can get you a quote right away.

Q. Is there training required?

A. Yes, there is training involved to start using our service. The training is very simple and ... read more we can do it a number of ways. We can train each person individually, in a group, WebEx or on a conference call. The training takes a few minutes and you decide how you would like it done.

Q. Is your equipment compatible with our present equipment?

A. UTA supports virtually all types of point of sale equipment for check payment processing ... read more including the internet using our secure website.

Q. Who can we take checks from?

A. UTA accepts personal and business checks drawn on any U.S or Canadian bank.

Q. Do you offer collection services?

A. Yes. UTA offers full collection services to all of our merchants.

ACH Processing

Q. What exactly is ACH – Payment by Phone?

A. UTA’s ACH program enables the Credit Manager to accept a payment from their customer right ... read moreover the phone, without actually needing the paper check in hand.

Q. What’s in it for me as the Credit Manager?

A. ACH is designed to positively impact every measurement of accounting performance ... read more in the Credit Manager’s department.

Q. What are some of the benefits I can expect to experience?

A. There are many benefits including increased ability to get paid when performing collection calls, ... read more primarily because it takes the mystery and guesswork out of knowing if your customer will actually mail you a check or not. Other important benefits are improved A/R aging, lower DSO and increased cash flow.

Q. What are some of the benefits from my customer’s standpoint?

A. For many, paying over the phone is a more convenient way to pay. It allows customers ... read more to pinpoint exactly when they want the payment to take place, to allow the payment to coincide with the availability of funds. Your customer can feel that they are in control. The customer’s bank data is secure and protected electronically. Processing paper checks involves so much handling that they are in many ways less secure. It eliminates the trouble and cost of preparing a check and sending it by mail, overnight delivery or wire transfer.

Q. How will I be able to monitor the transactions I’ve done and the movement of my funds?

A. UTA’s 24/7 hour website offers full reporting screens of your account, allowing you to view ... read morefull detail of all transactions, along with the ability to monitor the exact timeline of the funds being credited to your account, and/or any returns you may experience. These reporting screens are accessible to you. In addition, you control the security of these reports and who has access to them. We also provide email notification at each step of the transaction.

Q. How long before the money is credited to my account?

A. Typically two business days. For instance, if you submit a transaction on Monday ... read more(7:30 PM cutoff time-Eastern Time), it will be batched out to the Federal Reserve that night. The funds will be transferred into your account Tuesday evening (the Fed does its work at night) and would be liquid and available on Wednesday morning. Please note that the Federal Reserve follows normal banking holidays.

Q. What happens if an item is returned?

A. For NSF returns, you have the option of resubmitting that item two additional times. ... read more You may wish to try to "time" the redeposits strategically when you think your customer may have money in their account. With an administrative return, you are able to retrieve the transaction on the reporting side of the website, make the needed correction, and resubmit it through the system again.

Q. Can I set up a customer for recurring monthly or weekly payments?

A. Yes. You can set them up for recurring monthly payments for up to 60 months in advance.... read more You can set them up for a series of weekly or semi weekly payments for as many as 52 weeks. You also have the option of setting up a series of unlimited numerous payments for varying dates and amounts in the future.

Q. Can I store the routing # and bank a/c # in the UTA database to help us save time?

A. Absolutely! You have the ability to set up any or all of your customers into a customer ... read more profile database. When you choose to do an ACH simply enter the customer number and it will generate an auto-fill function completing all of the necessary fields other than the dollar amount, payment date, and memo field.

Q. What is the monthly minimum?

A. No monthly minimum

Q. What software do I have to buy to use any of UTA’s electronic products?

A. None. You simply go to UTA’s secure website and enter your personal Login ID and Password.

Q. Am I locked into using ACH for any minimum time frame?

A. No. There is no obligation or time binding contract on your part.

Q. Is there any limit to the number of people I can have using the system at my company?

A. No.

Q. If I want to show this to any of my fellow colleagues, do you have a demo I can show them?

A. Yes. Simply contact our office at 800-858-5256 and we will be happy to schedule a 15 minute ... read more web demo at your convenience.

Q. How do we get started?

A. UTA will send you the necessary forms. First, our Service Agreement, (terms and conditions); second,... read more our Subscriber Application, (your banking information that allows us to set up ACH credits to your designated account) and third, our User Data Form (Login ID’s, Passwords, etc…).

ACH Processing (with Guarantee)

Q. What exactly is ACH with Guarantee?

A. UTA’s ACH with Guarantee program enables the company to accept AND guarantee ... read more a payment from their customer right over the phone, without actually needing the paper check in hand.

Q. How can it help me?

A. ACH with Guarantee will allow you to:... read more 1. Release products and/or services immediately without fear of a returned payment. 2. Eliminate the need to have your driver meet your customer to accept a check. 3. Prevent the delays associated with receiving payments from common carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc). 4. Costs 40% less than credit card processing costs.

Q. How does it work?

A. After logging into UTA’s website, the authorized user submits the minimal amount of information ... read more from their invoice and transfers funds electronically from their customer’s account, via the Federal Reserve, to their own company’s bank account as an ACH credit. “You have just made a deposit in your account with no chance of a return!!”

Q. Is the service simple to set-up and use?

A. YES! We created the program to make your payment processing simple so you can focus ... read more on your business. No software or hardware is required. Businesses can begin accepting electronic transactions in just a few days.

Q. What’s in it for my customer?

A. It makes the payment process simpler and faster. Often times, your customers may even request ... read more to pay you over the phone to eliminate the need for writing a check, creating a wire-transfer, meeting the “FedEx”(or any other carrier) driver, or leaving a check with someone.

Q. Do I need to obtain an authorization from my customer?

A. Yes, similar to a credit card the customer’s authorization is required. UTA provides ... read more a sample authorizations form for you to use. The authorization may be obtained from your customer by either a written agreement, fax, email, web, or verbal authorization.

Q. How long before the money is credited to my account?

A. Typically two business days. For instance, if you submit a transaction on Monday ... read more(7:30 PM cutoff time-Eastern Time), it will be batched out to the Federal Reserve that night. The funds will be transferred into your account Tuesday evening (the Fed does its work at night) and would be liquid and available on Wednesday morning.

Q. How long does it take to complete a transaction?

A. Seconds. Once your customer’s transaction information is entered, UTA's system will ... read more process the data and, if approved, provide you with a transaction number within seconds.

Q. What happens if my customer’s payment is returned NSF?

A. This is the good news! Your approved transactions are fully guaranteed meaning you will ... read more never experience another returned item. You can have full confidence that the payment is complete.

Q. Can I use ACH with Guarantee for processing payments on account?

A. No. ACH with Guarantee can only be used for cash sales or cash on delivery (COD) for goods or services.

Q. Can I store the routing # and bank a/c # in the UTA database to help us save time?

A. Absolutely! You have the ability to set up any or all of your customers into a customer ... read more profile database. When you choose to do an ACH simply enter the customer number and it will generate an auto-fill function completing all of the necessary fields other than the dollar amount, payment date, and memo field.

Q. Can I send my customer a receipt?

A. Yes. The ACH with Guarantee system allows you to send an e-mail confirmation to your ... read more customer instantly. You will also be sent an email confirmation of the transaction and any additional recipients in your company.

Q. What kind of reporting is available with ACH with Guarantee?

A. You will be able to track your payment and the remittance information that is ... read more attached to the payment record via UTA’s comprehensive reporting tools. Additionally, you can even download files that contain this data and use them for automated cash application purposes or allow us to feed it directly into your accounting/ERP system.

Q. Can I save money by using ACH with Guarantee?

A. YES! Customers have reported considerable cost savings in all aspects of their business after ... read more switching to ACH with Guarantee. You can save about 30%-40% less than the cost of a credit card transaction.

Q. What if I need help with my service? Is there support?

A. Our services are fully supported so you can use the system with confidence. ... read more All customers receive unlimited free technical support and training from a live representative over the phone. Our call center is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week simply contact us at 800-858-5256. It's just one more way we make payment processing easy!

Q. How do I obtain training for any of your services? How long does it take?

A. Our services are extremely user friendly. To help ensure your complete satisfaction, UTA ... read more provides you with over the phone training sessions by one of our programming and training specialist. The training sessions duration is approximately 30 minutes. In addition, training reference guides are provided prior to the training session.

Online Bill Pay

Q. What is the Online Bill Pay service?

A. This service allows your customers to send or “push” ACH or Credit Card payments ... read more to you via your own website. Many of your customers have begun to use this process for their personal bills and UTA’s Online Bill Pay is very similar in functionality.

Q. Am I required to have a website to use this version of EFT Online Bill Pay?

A. Yes. However, we will provide you with a customized web-link that can be “bolted on” to ... read more your website to facilitate these transactions.

Q. What will I need to do?

A. You will need to create a hyperlink on your website for your customers to click. ... read more This link will be provided by UTA and it will take them to new customized web-pages for your Online Bill Pay functions.

Q. Will this web-link have the look and feel of our website?

A. Yes. We will customize the web-link by using your logos, colors, and terminologies.

Q. How will my customers sign-in to use these new features?

A. They will have to complete a simple registration page that is located on the site. ... read more You may customize this page to require any pertinent fields.

Q. What benefits will I receive from making this available to my customers?

A. You will still enjoy all of the previously discussed benefits of ACH - Payment by Phone ... read more program PLUS: You will no longer need to obtain an authorization from your customers who make payments via the website; You will receive the necessary data that you require to receive the payment and the remittance detail; You can download files that allow you to auto-apply payments; You can potentially eliminate many of the lock-box fees that you are currently paying; Your customers will have around-the-clock access to the website; You can manage your customer’s access from the “customer’s report” screen.

Q. How will my customers know that I offer Online Bill Pay?

A. You will need to promote the website feature to your customers. Typically this is communicated on ... read more the monthly statements. Most UTA customers have made a choice to introduce this service where they receive the most benefit. Some have started with their largest customers where large payments are processed with extensive remittance data.

Q. What will it cost to develop this webpage?

A. Speak to a sale representative about our “free of charge” promotion. We will provide ... read more you with sample templates that can be modified to meet your needs.

Q. What happens if I need some other features, modifications, reports, etc.?

A. This fee does not include major revisions to the templates that are used by UTA. ... read more If you require major revisions, UTA will provide you a quote for the customized work prior to the development.

Credit Card Program

Q. What are the differences between Business, Corporate and Purchasing Cards?

A. Generally speaking, the difference lies in the back-end reporting and controls that ... read more the buying company sets up for each cardholder. Business Card: geared towards small businesses, Corporate Card: geared towards corporations for T&E (travel & entertainment), Purchasing Card: used as a purchasing vehicle.

Q. What are the differences between credit cards and debit cards?

A. Credit Cards are cards that utilize revolving credit where the cardholder pays the bill at the ... read more end of each month. The transactions require a signature if the card and cardholder are present at the time of the sale. Debit Cards deduct the money for the purchases directly from the cardholder’s checking account. No bill is paid at the end of the month as the sales have already been debited from the checking account.

Q. What is Interchange?

A. Visa and MasterCard charge a processing or “interchange” fee on every sale. ... read more Interchange is paid to the cardholder’s issuing institution and reflects processing expenses, including the cost of credit and fraud losses. The type of card presented, the type of business accepting the card, and the processing environment determine this fee.

Q. What is assessment?

A. Assessment is the amount paid to the Visa and MasterCard ... read more associations. Unlike Interchange that is paid to the card issuing institution, assessment is paid to Visa and MasterCard. Again, all acquirers/processors must pay the same assessments.

Q. Can I pass the interchange fee back to the cardholder?

A. Per Visa and MasterCard’s regulations you are not allowed to charge a fee or pass back the ... read more interchange to the cardholder for accepting their card for payment.

Q. Do I have to take credit cards from all of my customers?

A. With the settlement of the “WalMart” lawsuit, merchants do have a choice ... read more on what types of Visa and MasterCard cards they accept at the point of sale. You may elect to accept Credit Cards only, Debit Cards only or all cards.

Q. What is Level II processing?

A. Depending on the network, Level II data may refer to Sales Tax and Customer Code. ... read moreCustomer Code is a code provided by the cardholder to you at the time of the sale and typically refers to a cost center, PO number or GL code the cardholder’s company uses to allocate expenses.

Q. What is Level III processing?

A. Level III is the line item detail specific to the transaction purchase. ... read more This includes item description, item quantity, product code, and price among the required elements. The line item detail is passed from the merchant/supplier to the cardholder/customer via a purchasing card. Purchasing Cardholders are able to electronically receive the line item detail and reconcile the purchase order.

Q. How can I qualify for the Large Ticket Interchange Rate program?

A. Both Visa and MasterCard offer a Large Ticket incentive interchange rate based on the value of the transaction.

Q. Are the Level III solutions difficult to use or involve significant amount of coding?

A. There are many cost effective Level III capable solutions for you to choose. ... read more The solution is as simple as our virtual terminal via the Internet or PC software.

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Q. What benefits will my company realize through EBPP?

A. You will achieve faster mail times, lower postage costs, significant overhead savings and reduced DSOs.

Q. What benefits will my customer realize?

A. Your customers will realize ease of payment by being able to pay their invoices directly from your website. ... read more They will also enjoy the ability to control the timing of their payments and view and pay their invoices online (24/7/365 access).

Q. How many customers convert to electronic invoice during the first year of EBPP?

A. Typically 25% convert during the initial year of having our EBPP service. ... read moreHowever, it depends on the conversion effort exerted by the merchant-AND WE WILL HELP.

Q. What if most of my customers never convert to electronic invoicing, will I still benefit?

A. Yes, you will still realize lower postage costs, increased cash flow and significant overhead savings.

Q. What if most of my customers never convert to electronic invoicing, will my customers still benefit?

A. Yes, your customers will receive their invoices quicker through our nationwide mail distribution and be able to pay electronically.... read more Furthermore, they can review their outstanding invoices from the website archive and conveniently pay invoices 24/7.

Q. What software do I have to buy to use or access the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service?

A. None. You simply go to UTA’s secure website and enter your personal Login ID and Password.

Q. How do I get started with EBPP?

A. Just call UTA and ask for a demo from one of our Sales reps. If you are interested, ... read morea UTA rep. will provide you with the simple paperwork to get you started today!

Q. How long would it take to get set up with EBPP and start electronically presenting invoices?

A. The implementation typically takes about 60 days.

Remote Deposit Capture (with Guarantee)

Q. What is UTA’s Remote Deposit Capture?

A. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is an innovative payment solution that allows you ... read more to make deposits electronically when it is convenient for you, without ever leaving your office. Simply scan the checks you receive through the RDC scanner and transmit the deposit using a secure web connection. The funds are available to you on the second business day, and they are guaranteed!

Q. How does RDC work?

A. Instead of mailing or bringing your deposits to the bank, use Remote Deposit Capture! ... read more Simply scan your check using your point of sale equipment and submit your transaction

Q. Can all checks be deposited via Remote Deposit Capture?

A. All checks are eligible to be deposited using RDC as long as they are a U.S. ... read more check and have a fully encoded MICR line (the numbers and symbols at the bottom of the check: they include the routing number, account number and serial/check number).

Q. Do I still need to endorse the checks I'm depositing?

A. No, RDC places a virtual endorsement on the image of the check.

Q. What happens to the checks after I scan them?

A. When a check is scanned using Remote Deposit Capture, images of the front and back ... read more of the check are taken. These images will be sent as an Image Replacement Document (or Check 21 transaction) and will be processed as if it were a paper item brought in to the bank.

Q. How can I access the check images after I deposit them through the scanner?

A. After a check has been scanned, the images are available to you online via our reporting tools.

Q. How can I eliminate returns by using the Remote Deposit Programs?

A. Virtually eliminate the risk of a returned check by using our Guarantee feature!