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Equipment Sales & Rentals

More equipment sales and rental companies choose UTA to help them receive money faster and reduce fees.

Companies like United Rentals, RSC Equipment Rental, Sunbelt Rentals and small-to-large equipment sales and rental companies throughout the U.S. call upon United TranzActions to help them find fully-customizable and secure payment solutions.

UTA has the right technology, the right products, and the right service to help you eliminate redundancy and streamline your invoicing, payment acceptance, settlement, and funds deposit. With smart payment solutions from UTA, you can speed up your collections while measurably reducing your administrative costs. And our gateway payment solutions include easy-to-use reporting tools that are the best in the industry!

Why UTA?

  • Personalized service - dedicated managers assigned to your account
  • The industry's most competitive rates and discount credit card processing
  • Online invoicing and A/R management services
  • Fast, easy set-up of customer accounts - with little to no fees
  • Fully customizable and secure payment solutions

Our 450+ locations love United TranzActions automatic approvals. We can accept virtually everyone's check with NO denials.
RSC Equipment Rental

We have been with UTA since April 2008. Our customer service representative is outstanding as well as her group associates. The transition from our previous check guarantee company to UTA was very smooth with training classes, email reports, as well as their very proficient IT department. We use their "flat rate" program and our 350+ locations love it! There are no extra phone lines or equipment needed. Customer service is a very important issue with us and even though we've had other offers from various companies, we would not consider leaving UTA.
Sunbelt Rentals