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Other Industries

Any company that has transactions can benefit from the industry-leading payment processing and check guarantee services from UTA

Companies like Sleepy's, ATC Freightliner and other businesses in healthcare and hospitality rely on United TranzActions' innovative processing solutions to help speed up their collections while measurably reducing their administrative costs.

UTA provides innovative merchant services and integrated payment systems to help you streamline your invoicing, payment acceptance, settlement, and funds deposit -- with a full range of customizable and flexible financial services to fit any platform.

The right technology, the right products, and the right solutions to help you make your automated payment processing and accounts receivables safer, faster and more affordable.

Ask us about ACH check processing, check guarantee services, electronic credit card processing and online payment processing services.

UTA is the right choice for your business

  • Reduced costs of processing bills
  • Reduced labor costs and mailing costs
  • Reduced DSO
  • Eliminate high fixed costs
  • Gain financial control and strengthen compliance
  • Gain process efficiency with leading edge technology
  • Save money and increase cash flow