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AR Automation

The complexity of managing your payment processing is increasing as your customers demand more payment flexibility.

Realize the benefits of “straight through” processing from DadeSystems’ AR Automation and finally get the system and automation tools you’ve always wanted to make your processes truly efficient.

UTA in partnering with DadeSystems goes well beyond traditional lockbox offerings by providing a complete end-to-end solution. Whether you’re capturing payments in your own mail room, with an existing bank lockbox provider, through a web portal or in the field with a mobile device, we will demonstrate how we can automate the matching of all payments to your open receivables and process straight through in one system.


  • Captures all check, electronic, ACH, and wire payments in a single platform
  • Mobile capture using tablets and smartphones; anytime and anywhere
  • Dynamic matching of open accounts receivables for any payment type
  • Checks and ACH payments directly deposited to your bank same-day
  • User defined business rules for matching your business process
  • Integrates with your existing accounting/ERP system
  • Software-as-a-Service delivery to minimize IT requirements and capital investments
  • Access to images of check and receivables information
  • Full audit trail capabilities