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High-Speed Remote Deposit Capture

Streamlining the check acceptance and deposit processes in a high volume environment.

An efficient solution that allows you to scan images of multiple checks at a time and deposit items for electronic delivery to your bank account(s) of choice. Allow UTA to bring the bank to your desktop and enhance the way you deposit your checks by completing same day deposits and maximizing your business’ funds availability. This product is ideal for companies wishing to save time and money while improving productivity.

UTA’s High-Speed Remote Deposit Capture can debit all US checking accounts, including accounts where ACH is unavailable (i.e. credit unions, S&L’s, small banks, brokerage accounts, business accounts, cashier checks, money orders & credit card check accounts.


  • Scan multiple checks at once, as well as upload payment coupons and remittance documents
  • Process up to 100 checks per minute
  • Accelerate funds availability and improve cash flow
  • Eliminate the time, cost, and risks associated with preparing a paper deposit
  • Access historical data and check images via robust online reporting
  • Keep your current banking relationship(s) and initiate deposits into multiple accounts