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Check on Delivery(C.O.D.)

A pre-approval can easily be obtained over the phone
by contacting our call center or captured electronically
via a POS system or UTA website.

UTA's Check on Delivery(C.O.D.) program empowers you to accept a check payment and receive a pre-approval prior to the delivery of goods and services. What’s best, this COD program is flexible and accommodates variances between the pre-approval amount and the amount of the check received at time of delivery.

Before you load the truck:

  • Get the name, address, and phone number from the check writer when taking the order
  • Obtain a pre-approval number by contacting or communicating to UTA
  • Write the approval number on the order
  • Deliver the goods and pick up the check
  • If the actual dollar amount of the sale ends up different from the amount that was pre-authorized, simply have us update the amount at no additional charge