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Department Update - December

November 30, 2023
Department Update - December

In this edition, our spotlight shines on a critical department, Treasury. This department has recently completed it's annual NACHA ACH Audit and highlights the importance and requirements of the keeping up with compliance standards below.


As a recognized leader in electronic payment solution provider, UTA and it’s dedicated Treasury department, has played a crucial role in developing and implementing standards that helps improve the quality of life for businesses that rely daily on ACH for money transfers. Streamlining the ability to send and receive funds all under safe surveillance.

NACHA operating rules primarily focus on protecting the funds being transferred, regardless of whether they're one-time transfers, invoices, government payments or a simple transaction from payers to a vendor. To correctly use the ACH network, having accurate and updated account information, such as an account and routing number, is crucial to following NACHA guidelines. NACHA has tools, such as strict account validation, to ensure that money gets where it needs to go without trouble or interference. Operating rules help everyone from businesses to banks understand their responsibilities and roles within the ACH payment process by detailing a legal framework, including rule enforcement and audit requirements.

NACHA compliance is essential for any business or financial institution as these guidelines help verify the validity of any transaction and its regulated governance from one account to the next. Following NACHA security requirements allows UTA and their merchants to rest assured that their money is being transferred within a safe network.

New Additions to the Department

We are thrilled to present our latest addition to the Treasury team:

Name: Maria Mungia
Title: Staff Accountant

Maria joined us last year and has hit the ground running. She is responsible for handling most of the returns and reconciles some of our largest bank accounts with great success. She has also been able to lend a helping hand in Accounts Payable when needed, where she is also able to contribute due to her years of experience.

Department Promotions

In addition to our new hire, we're excited to announce a well-deserved promotion:

Name: Thomas De Stefano
Title: SR. Staff Accountant & Manager of Data Entry Operations

Tom started his career with UTA back in 2013 in the Data Entry department. With his great work ethics and productivity, he was able to get promoted to the Treasury Department. Throughout the years Tom has shined in his role in the Treasury department and has been recognized as a leader and a great mentor. The company recently had a leadership opening in the Data Entry department and it only made sense that Tom was the one for the job. His knowledge of the department and involvement with Data Entry while working in Treasury has made it a smooth transition and he has already excelled in the role. We have full confidence that he will continue to excel in his new role while continuing his responsibilities with Treasury.