Unlock the power of digital payments with our cutting-edge A/P solution

A/P Processing

Our comprehensive Digital Accounts Payable solution automates and streamlines the A/P function with added visibility, enhanced security, simplified reconciliation, increased efficiency, and an improved supplier experience to gain better control over your payables

Digital Accounts Payable Solution

Control your A/P workflow by creating and managing payments from a centralized platform designed to revolutionize your business operations. Streamline your payables, lower invoice processing costs, and mitigate external/internal risk by creating a clean audit trail. With UTA's solution, businesses can make electronic payments quickly and securely, streamlining the payment process and saving time and resources to thrive in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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Added Efficiencies

As businesses strive to improve their accounts payable function, electronic payments offer many benefits over traditional paper checks, including faster processing times, reduced processing costs, and improved accuracy. Suppliers and Vendors are critical partners in the success of any business, so optimizing the supplier payment experience with enhanced remittance details can help build stronger relationships and reduce friction.


Streamline your payables process
Simple web-based application no software to purchase
Simple web-based application - no software to purchase
Online bill pay option for customer convenience
Enhance security and mitigate fraud
Comprehensive Transaction Reporting
Comprehensive Transaction Reporting
Priority over paper checks
Faster Funds Availability Than Paper Checks
Customizable payment options
Customizable Payment Options
Multi-user capabilities
Multi-user Capabilities
No start-up fees or monthly minimums
Save up to 86% compared to the cost of writing and mailing paper checks
Lower rates available
Simplify and automate reconciliation
API support across multiple developmental languages and platforms
API Support Across Multiple Developmental Languages and Platforms
Live reps available to assist
Live reps available to assist
Multiple methods of using service
Improve vendor experience
Frequently Asked Questions

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our products

Check Guarantee

Eliminates the risk of fraudulent checks and collection headaches.

Credit Card

Providing innovation and technology that optimizes your credit card acceptance program.

ACH Payment

Enables you to accept payments from your customer’s bank account quickly, safely in a secure internet environment.

Online Bill Pay

Empower your company to accept ACH or Credit Card customer initiated payments on your website.

Remote Deposit Capture

Scan your checks for instant bank deposits, with no returns.

Mobile Deposit

Guarantee and deposit your company’s payments anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with UTA’s Mobile Deposit solution.

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