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Department Update - February

February 01, 2024
Department Update - February

As we embark on the new year, our attention turns to the forefront of our operations—the Authorizations department. This dedicated call center plays a pivotal role in screening and applying risk management decisions for transactions with a “guaranteed” settlement. They engage with merchants and their customers, who utilize our payment solutions daily, so It's crucial for these agents to possess a comprehensive knowledge of all UTA products. Their mission is to swiftly and thoroughly gather and screen information while upholding company service standards.

Serving as the initial point of contact, Authorizations aims to deliver a prompt, efficient, and friendly experience, meeting our merchants'needs. Behind the scenes, we continually explore innovative ways to stay competitive, enhance existing programs, and discover new secure and expedient processing methods. Whether it's developing new algorithms based on experience or leveraging cutting-edge software, our primary commitment remains the trust and security we've established in the payment processing field.

In response to increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts, we've implemented exciting changes to fortify our transaction screening. We acknowledge the evolving threats that jeopardize our customers' profitability and the overall stability of our economy. The Authorizations department collaborates closely with Risk & IT departments to establish, monitor, and uphold robust internal controls, mitigating vulnerabilities our merchants may encounter.

New Additions to the Department

We are thrilled to announce our latest additions to the Authorizations department:

Name: Hilario Tejada
Title: Authorizations Agent

Hilario joined us last year and has been a valuable addition to the team and a service to our bilingual customers. With his background in the banking industry, he brings along his experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Name: Nicolas Alvarado
Title: Authorizations Agent

Nicolas also joined us last year. He is learning our industry and dedicated to delivering excellent customer service to all our customers.

Department Promotions

In addition to our new hires, we're excited to announce two well-deserved promotions:

Name: Christopher Hinson
Title: Authorizations Manager

Chris started his career with UTA in 2005 in the Authorizations department. He has steadily moved up through the leadership positions and roles developing his expertise while remaining in the Authorizations department. This essential role contributes to the department’s day-to-day function and success.

Name: Christine Moreno
Title: Authorizations Supervisor

Christine started her career with UTA in 2011 in the Authorizations department. She, too, has held various positions, roles, and responsibilities. Christine has a tremendous wealth of risk mitigation experience. Her familiarity with the Authorizations department, combined with her leadership skills, make her an invaluable addition to the management team.