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More retailers increase cash flow and eliminate the risk of fraudulent checks with integrated payment solutions from UTA.

Companies like Monro Muffler, El Dorado furniture and other small-to-large retailers turn to United TranzActions when they want to improve their accounts receivables and collections. Our customizable and secure electronic payment programs are designed to help retailers get paid faster, increase sales and revenue, and reduce risk. And at the same time, lower their administrative costs with the cheapest credit card processing and electronic funds transfer system.

As an industry leader, UTA is able to offer every retailer a suite of automated payment systems that are fully customizable at little to no added cost, while delivering the highest level of customer support in the industry. In fact, if you ask merchants why they use UTA they'll likely tell you it's because of the personal service they receive and the people they rely on day to day.


  • Unbeatable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Highly competitive rates and discount credit card processing
  • We guarantee checks with the highest approvals
  • Fully empowered, dedicated managers assigned to each account
  • Secure payment solutions and fast payment of claims
  • Highly customized, national processing solutions
  • Flexible COD and mail-order procedures

UTA is one company that follows through with what they promise. Our electronic transactions are delivered on time every time, Guaranteed!
El Dorado Furniture

The level of customer service has been outstanding. UTA has saved us time and money through it's automatic approval process and it has been a pleasure working with such a professional staff.
Monro Muffler Stores