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Check Guarantee

Eliminates the risk of fraudulent checks and collection headaches.

Eliminate the fear of accepting checks and the burden of check collections forever. Because with UTA, the leading check guarantee company in America, if your checks return unpaid, we will reimburse you IN FULL and we become responsible for the tedious and difficult check collections process, not you.

How it Works

Simply process your checks and receive approvals through one of the following options: a point of sale terminal that we provide, I-Check Approvals from your PC, or the use of our 24/7 voice authorization center. Deposit your checks at the end of the day with the peace of mind knowing that they are fully guaranteed!

UTA has been the industry leader in check guarantee services since 1991.

UTA has a 97% approval rate and the highest average check amount of any check guarantee company in America. Our Check Guarantee services are designed to protect your company from fraudulent checks by utilizing innovative and customizable features equipped to take the risk out of accepting checks - whether it's a large transaction, a first-time customer or a customer that has been slow to pay, our check guarantee services are 100% reliable. And there are no start-up fees or monthly minimums.

The right products. The right price. The right peace of mind. That's right on the money!


  • No start-up fees or monthly minimums
  • No transaction fees or call charges
  • Most knowledgeable merchant services reps
  • Live reps to assist you 24/7
  • Highest floor limits
  • Works with your current banking relationship
  • Detailed billing of monthly activity
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Express payment reimbursement
  • Cost-effective and flexible programs
  • API support across multiple developmental languages and platforms


  • Electronic authorization program with instant check approval
  • We service the largest clients in the industry
  • Internet payment processing and check approvals
  • Most creative flat rate programs
  • Direct debit program
  • Automated payment systems and approval program
  • Hold check program
  • COD/Mail order program
  • Rental program